About NAYA

Whether you are looking for Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Brand Development, Google Ads, or Web Development, NAYA is the firm for you! Founded in 2018 by Anne-Marie Stephens, NAYA has helped businesses of all sizes achieve their business goals through creative and strategic marketing. We work closely with our clients, from small companies just beginning their journey to government agencies needing marketing assistance.

NAYA provides each client with personalized service - we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed. We are very strategic in our methods – we evaluate each client’s business and needs and develop custom marketing plans to help them achieve their goals. Before we begin working for you, we get to know you, your business, and your business goals. Through Strategic Planning and Marketing, we can break down those business goals and create marketing goals to help you achieve your business goals. We identify your target audience during this process to ensure that we can reach the correct people on the channels and platforms they prefer, using language that resonates with them. We connect all of your marketing platforms through this process - your Website, Social Media, Public Relations, Digital Advertising, Print Advertising, and more. This creates a cohesive brand, which assists with achieving your business goals. All of this ensures that you get the best return on your investment!

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Our Founder

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Founder & Creative Director

Anne-Marie Stephens is the Founder and Creative Director of NAYA. She obtained a Master of Arts Degree in Arts Administration from Savannah College of Art and Design (USA) and has over 14 years of experience in Marketing, Graphic Design, Business Development, and Event Management. Anne-Marie is deeply passionate about helping others, especially young people and entrepreneurs. Her ultimate goal is to live life by her design and help others to do the same – that is why she founded NAYA. This firm allows her to help people achieve their business goals through marketing and design.


Since founding NAYA she has established Stephens Consulting, a business consulting and coaching firm, and Amelia Grace Stationery, a custom stationery printery and greeting card business. Together her businesses help people live their Life By Design – Stephens Consulting teaches clients how to run their businesses, NAYA markets those businesses, and Amelia Grace Stationery handles all of their printing needs.

“I established NAYA so that businesses of all sizes have access to exceptional marketing and personalised service from an experienced team of professionals. Marketing isn’t just for major firms; every business needs some level of marketing and graphic design, so NAYA is here to help them achieve their business goals through strategic and creative marketing. If our clients achieve their goals, we have achieved ours!” – Anne-Marie.
​Areas of Expertise:
Strategic Marketing, Graphic Design, Content Development, Business Development, Social Media Management, Event Management, Painting, Photography, Print Production
​Anne-Marie’s Favourite Quote:
“If you’re not in the arena also getting your butt kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback!” - Brené Brown. 


Our Values

NAYA is a company based on values. We always strive to ensure that our clients receive the best service and continuously exceed expectations. NAYA is more than just a marketing firm; we help our clients find opportunities to grow their businesses and expand their operations. We help connect clients with other companies and offer them opportunities to collaborate and flourish. Why do we do all of this? – That’s simple. We do it because we love to help people; we believe that we should always go above and beyond to give you more.


We are not only passionate about Marketing and Design, but we are also passionate about helping others. That is why we do this, to achieve our goal of helping you achieve yours. NAYA exists to help our clients - your success is our success! Our mission is to provide exceptional marketing and design services, helping our clients achieve their business goals.


NAYA not only provides our clients – from small businesses to large firms – with marketing and design services - we also mentor young entrepreneurs. Business isn’t just about having a great idea - we help our clients achieve their business goals by connecting those goals to their marketing and creating strategic marketing plans specifically for their business!



At NAYA, we believe that our clients should get the exceptional service they deserve. No two clients are the same, they have different needs and goals – therefore, no two clients can be treated the same. We take the time to get to know each client and understand their business, products, and goals – it’s the only way we can genuinely help them. Once we are familiar with their business, we begin formulating custom plans to help them achieve their business goals. Sometimes a business needs more customers, but the underlying problem is that they are not sure who their customer is or how to reach them. We can reach the correct people on the channels and platforms they prefer, using language that resonates with them. NAYA works through all of this with them to ensure they identify their target audiences based on their various products and services.



NAYA is all about long-term success! We are working towards the long-term success of your business – not short-term “fixes” that hinder you and your business in the long run. We work with our clients to ensure that their goals align with one another and create custom marketing plans to achieve their business goals. Some small business owners want to scale their business so that they can hire help to manage the business and have their business work for them to take a step back – we work with our clients to create a strategic plan to help them achieve this goal! Each client receives personalized service, helping ensure they achieve their goals – business, marketing, and even personal goals.



At NAYA, we know that we are blessed to be a blessing to others, so we work with and mentor young people to give them the training and experience they need to help build a brighter future for themselves. NAYA also donates our service to various local charities - assisting them to help our country. 

Here are some charities that we have donated to so far:

NAYA's Chosen Charities

Our Partners

Business Development

Stephens Consulting is a business solutions firm helping people live their life by design. They coach your mindset to succeed; they also educate and train you to run a successful business, giving you the necessary tools to scale, automate, & thrive. 

Print Production

Amelia Grace Stationery is a boutique custom stationery printery.


As their motto says, they print designs for life – for your everyday life and

your most

special occasions. 

Custom Greeting Cards

Never forget to send special greetings to your customers and loved ones!


They design and print custom branded greeting cards 
for your business or special occasions - they even have

their own greeting card line.

Training / Education

ICT offers the most sophisticated menu of workforce training and development programs than Inspire Cayman Training Ltd.

Internationally accredited Training Unit of NCCER and an international affiliate with our automotive partner ASE.

Sometimes you need more than NAYA can offer you. 

Whether you need help developing your business, need printed items for your business, drone photography, education and training, or more - here are our partners. These are the people we know and trust to help you and your business and help NAYA as well!

Visit their websites and learn more about their fantastic services to help you achieve your business goals.