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2020 NAYA's Year of Giving

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

At NAYA, we know that we are blessed to be a blessing to others. One of our core values is Supporting our community to help ensure a brighter future for the Cayman Islands.

As a part of our community service, Team NAYA mentors young Caymanians and speaks with young people interested in pursuing a career in Marketing or Graphic Design. Our mentoring programme helps them explore and get hands-on experience with each of our services. Our students complete Marketing Certifications which help show them the importance of all the work we do for our clients, our methods and strategies. We also mentor young entrepreneurs on how to establish their business and help explain the various options for marketing and media with the best returns on investment.

As our company grows, we have decided to expand our community service programme. In 2020, we are giving $1,000 in-kind donation to a different charity each month! There are a lot of organisations that do exceptional work for our people, but often they are too busy doing that work to promote themselves and the work they are doing. Too often people are not aware of what these organisations do, or how they can help - that is where we are assisting these charities by promoting the amazing work that they do for our country every day.

To date we have donated over $14,000 to the following charities as a part of this campaign:

- Acts of Random Kindness

- Alex Panton Foundation

- Alzheimer's & Dementia Association of the Cayman Islands

- Breast Cancer Foundation

- Build Your Future Cayman

- Cayman Islands Skateboard Association

- Cayman Taekwondo

- Dream Out Loud Foundation

- Jasmine (formerly Cayman HospiceCare)

- Meals on Wheels

Thank you to each of these charities for graciously accepting our donation of service and trusting us to help you achieve your goals.


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