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Marketing Tip: Always Ask Yourself: What Does Our Customer Want?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Yes, we are all in business to make money, but are you asking yourself what your customer wants? Do you even know who your customer is? Have you identified who your target audience is and what they want? This is extremely important no matter what industry you’re in. A common mistake that people make when going into business is that they think just because they are good at something, or passionate about something that it is a great business – I too have fallen into this trap! Years ago I had a great business idea, and there was a definite need for my service, but I was in the wrong area. The people around me didn’t want what I was trying to sell, and as a result, I ended up closing the business. Had I opened that business in Atlanta, Georgia where I went to college, I would have had a much better chance of success - the people there wanted what I was offering. This is a lesson that I will not soon forget – it was humbling and eye opening.

When I considered establishing a Marketing and Design firm, I knew that there would be more than enough need for my services and expertise here in the Cayman Islands. In addition, due to the digital nature of our work, NAYA is able to take on work from international clients as well – the sky is the limit! By failing before (ouch…it still hurts to think about it), I am much stronger and wiser. I now mentor others – including my clients – so they can learn from my experiences.

Another key tip I have for people in business (and everyone in general) – ASK FOR HELP! You do not, and will not know it all – don’t beat yourself up. However, the most important piece of this advice is to ask people who are in a position to help you. Don’t ask people who haven’t run a successful business, about how to run yours! That will likely hurt you more than help you. Maybe even ask your clients directly what they want from you and your business.

Remember: your business is supposed to solve a problem for your customers - so keep all your decisions customer focused. If you're too focused on what you want, you may end up missing the mark!

- NAYA Founder

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