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Custom Signage for your Business

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Are you ready to invest in signage for your business? If so, there are a few things you need to consider before you proceed.

Purpose of the sign:

- Identification – used to identify your business, and where it is located

- Promotional – used to advertise a sale or event

- Instructional – used to share instructions for customers or visitors

- Educational – used to share information, for example at a museum or tourist attraction

- Directional – used to show where items are in your business, or displays are in a museum

- Health and Safety – used to communicate health and safety information

Design / Material:

- Are you going to need custom signage, or can generic signs do the job? Custom signs are more appropriate for any signage that is specific to your business and it’s branding. Generic signs can be used for “Exit Here” and “Open/Closed” signs.

- What type of material will you use – wooden, plastic, vinyl, lighted… The type of material used will depend on the purpose of the sign and the location it will be placed.

Other things to consider are the location the sign will be placed, visibility, and size of the sign.

Why should you invest in signage for your business?

- Enhances communication

- Cost-effective marketing tool

- Increases visibility (External signage)

- Builds brand awareness

If you are interested in having signs made for your business, contact Team NAYA today. We can take care of everything from the design and printing to the installation.

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