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Event Management

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Let’s face it – event management can be overwhelming at times. There are countless options to go through, and often there are too many decisions to make:

  • Where are we going to have this event?

  • When are we going to have this event?

  • What type of food should we have?

  • Who should we get to cater?

  • What about décor?

  • Do we need a DJ? Live music maybe?

  • Where do we begin?

Having a professional plan, design, and manage your event can help alleviate some of your stress – allowing you to enjoy yourself. Based on your type of event, your theme, and date preferences, your Event Planner will prepare Venue, Menu, and Décor Options, Cost Estimates, Event Checklist, and even an Event Timeline. They will meet with various vendors and prepare concise packets of information for you to review – helping you focus on what is truly important to you, muting the extra noise. Remember, your Event Planner is on your team now! They are there to help you, and they have your back, they only want what’s best for you, and to help you have an amazing event.

Why should you hire a professional Event Planner?

You’ll save time.

The professionals have the tools, information, and resources to get the job done efficiently.

You’ll save money.

Once you’ve given your Event Planner your budget, it is their job to stay within that budget. Their relationships with vendors can even give them access to discounts and benefits that you may not be able to get.

You will have the guidance you need.

People often get in their own way – having a professional to guide you through the process will help things go more smoothly.

They will give you more than you imagined.

Remember, this is an art form. When you let your Event Planner help you find the perfect location and manage the décor, you will always end up with an event that is more than you could have imagined. They will take all those Pinterest pins, and Google search images, and make it come to life for you!

You can breathe…you get to enjoy your event.

How do you enjoy your event, when you have to manage every single detail? Some people forget that Event Planning involves managing the event during (and after) the event. If you are busy setting up, working with the caterer, and ensuring the sound system is working, how can you enjoy your event? Let the professional work, while you enjoy yourself, and savour the moments.

Do you have a big (or small) event coming up? Start by calling NAYA! We can design, plan, and manage your event, taking the hassle out of it all! From birthday parties and weddings, to conferences and staff retreats – Team NAYA can help you no matter what type of event. We can help you develop an event plan that works with your budget, finding the location, catering, and décor to make your event one to remember!

Let us help you, so you can enjoy your event! Let us help you live your life by design! Contact us today for more information.

- Team NAYA

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