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Personalized Service

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

No two clients are the same, they have different needs and goals – therefore, no two clients can be treated the same. That’s why we leave the cookie-cutters in the kitchen and away from our business! We take the time to get to know each client, to know their business, their products, their goals – it’s the only way we can truly help them.

Some businesses have amazing products and services but need a website, other businesses are just being set up and need help developing their brand. The solutions we offer Client A, won’t be the right fit for Client B. Even if two clients are looking for us to assist them with the same services, how we deal with each client will still be different…why? Each client offers a specific product or service, and their goals will differ from other businesses.

Client X may want to increase their sales, but with a newly established business, the community they serve is not familiar with them yet. In this case, we need to work on developing brand recognition - not on promoting products and services. Before sales can be increased, people need to know about the business; we need to inform the people of this community that the business exists, and explain the problems they solve. Once people are familiar with the business, people will begin to support and the sales will increase.

Client Y on the other hand has been in business for 30+ years and everyone in the community is familiar with them. Their issue though, is that they now have a lot of businesses to compete with, and sales are reflecting this change in their industry. With Client Y, we would sit down and review their products and services and see where there is room for improvement in their currently marketing strategy.

There is no one route to success, and working with a marketing company that treats your business just like any other will not help you achieve your goals.

- Team NAYA

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